Our school is a lighthouse to the world through God’s holy fire.

Let your inner fire burn. Learn how to unleash your gift and become a prophet to the world.

Use your gift in harmony with others as you travel to higher dimensions.

You are a shinning star whose gift is waiting to be unleashed. Tap into it now.

School for the prophets Academy

Are You A Prophet?

Are you ready to unleash the power of your unique gifts? Are you interested in exploring the possibilities of God’s higher dimension? Do you feel like you were meant for something more, but just can’t quite understand what that calling is yet? If so, you now have the opportunity to realize your gifts, to prepare yourself to utilize these gifts and become a lighthouse to the world!

Why Join the School for the Prophets?

This is your chance to meet people who are gifted just like you. You do not have to feel strange in the midst of the Body of Christ because no one understands you or your gifts. Come and get an understanding of who you are, realize the purpose of your gifts and receive another anointing to be launched out in to your destiny!

Whether you are a beginner, or you know what your calling is, we’re here for you to come and learn more as you allow the lord to change your character. Allow the lord to remove all hindrances to your prophetic nature through deliverance and inner healing.

Why Do You Need Prophetic Training?

Prophetic gifts need to be taught and experienced from someone who is already operating out of that gift. Prophets are raised up and affirmed as they grow in their calling. You are one of God’s stars that bring light to the earth! Contact us today by filling out the form on the right, or call us right now at 814-410-2592 to speak with Apostle Dr. Carolyn Fields about realizing your true potential.

Learn from those who have been through the fire and brought forth as pure gold. There can be no mixture in a true prophet of God.

Contact the School for the Prophets Today.

Your gifts are waiting to be tapped into. Let us show you how. Our courses are designed to give you the insight necessary to understand your gift. We teach you not only how to access your prophetic gifts within, but also to go unto the world and become a vessel for God’s word and almighty wisdom.

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School For The Prophets: News & Events

Higher Dimensions School of the Prophets Academy

To God Be The Glory Students

We are happy to announce our online classes and impartation for the year of 2017. Now is the time to enroll for the seats we have online! We also have students that come from all over the map to our place of ministry education in Pennsylvania for those weekend classes onsite. Come and join us for hands on training.

You all asked for online classes and the Lord has provided. Go to the website and re-apply today. We have a big discount for tuition if you sign up now. Our classes will be starting in a few weeks.

Remember, the Lord is not choosing those who are known by man but those who are known by Him in the Holy of Holies!

Do you want to be known by Him in that place? Come and join others who are chosen and gifted that desire the Lord with all their hearts and seriously desire to receive training and impartation for the triple anointing.

Only the serious and sincere in heart need apply! If that is you come on and lets get moving to Higher Dimensions in the prophetic. Jesus is Lord!

Some of you have applied for school here more than once. Do not miss your season and opportunity this year. Your help is here. Just do it!

Apostle Carolyn Fields.

Sign up now. We still have seats remaining online.

Email Dr. Carolyn Fields @ higherdimensions7@gmail.com

Class Starts in April 28th

Higher Dimensions The School of the Prophets Academy

New Location: 1075 Mckinley Avenue, Johnstown PA 15905



Sign up now for the Fall and get a discount!

Everything has its own language. Learn the language of the Kingdom of God! Receive your deliverance into another dimension of ministy.

Come and learn about the Elijah, Elisha, and the Jehu Anointing. Receive a triple anointing for the last days.

Meeting Place: 306 S Main Street, Marysville, PA 17053

New Schedule for 2017 

April 28-30

May 26-28

June 23-25

July 28-30

August 25-27

September 22-24

October 27-29

November 17-19

December 14-16

( 18 Month Course) (9 month consideration for those with prophetic life experience in the Gospel of Jesus Christ ) Evaluation will be given when each student signs up for class.