School for the Prophets: Our Mission

Our goal is to help you, as an apostle and prophet of Christ, realize the potential and the power of your God-given gifts. With instruction, you can learn the language of the prophetic with the anointing intertwined. With the proper prophetic training, you can receive a true understanding of your gifts. You can receive another anointing to be raised up and affirmed as you grow in your calling. And at School for the Prophets, you’ll be surrounded by other people just like you – who are interested in tapping into their powerful gifts as an apostle of Christ. We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our program. You are one of God’s shining stars! If you are ready to sign up for our program, please do so by filling out our School for the Prophets Enrollment Form now! – College Level Program

School for the Prophets: Our Program

School for the Prophets meets once a month. Here you will receive hands-on prophetic training that will prepare you and increase you in your gifts and anointing. Our program meets in:

1075 Mckinley Avenue, Johnstown PA 15905

Call 814-410-2592 for the date.

Prophetic University Tuition Cost

6 months ( in 3 month intervals ):

  • Normal price: $299
  • Current Special! $199 for those who enroll from now and pay tuition the 1st month. You will receive Equipping, training, healing, deliverance, impartation, and activation
School for the Prophets: Our Vision

Traditionally, prophets proclaimed a message from God to the earliest believers. A prophet’s message could either be revelatory (as in a new revelation from God) or predictive (as in predicting some future event or outcome). In either case, we ask, can God give you a message to deliver to others? Yes! Can God continue to reveal the truth and the word to you in a supernatural form and enable you to deliver that message to others? No doubt about it! And as such, our vision for School for the Prophets is to encourage, enable, and launch out into the world the future prophets of our nation so that God’s word can be spread and heard. Our vision is to teach today’s prophets how to access their gift and to use their ability to communicate with God to rise up and affirm. Our vision is to help you understand the purpose of your gifts so that you receive another anointing to be launched out in to your destiny. Are you ready? Enroll for prophetic training today. – College Level Program

Faith, Love and Hope Tabernacle

Apostle Carolyn Fields
Senior Pastor

Elder Kenneth Fields
Music Director Minister

Pastor Mary Green
Executive Pastor

Minister Jaime Gabrera, Jr.
Prophet / Pastor

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